Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nasty Boyfraans (:

Nasty Boyfraans (:
Nasty Boyfraans (: by knittips on

So my "friend" and I have known each other since basically forever. And this guy she is dating cheats on her constantly, and he is really hateful and just constantly takes her for granted. I continue to tell her that he is bad news bears and she doesn't listen. She says "I know, I know" and then she just runs right back and basically watches him cheat on her over and over again. Then tonight I guess he pissed her off and I asked what was wrong and she like flipped out on me and started calling me names? Like wth, I'm the only one who has been here for you during all this drama and you're going to be hateful to me? Please get over yourself and your nasty boyfriend. He's definitely using you. Ugh! Glad I got that out there. Anyways, how is everyone (:

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